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Affiliate marketing is basically performance-based marketing where you can earn commissions by promoting and marketing products or services for someone else’s business. It is a form of digital marketing and can drive sales for your business. The affiliate marketer simply searches for a product and then promotes that product, which leads them to earn a piece of the profit from each sale they make. Sales are tracked via affiliate links, or UTMs, embedded in the sales page URLs of the website. Affiliate marketing management services work by spreading the responsibilities of product marketing across parties. It manages to leverage the capabilities of a variety of individuals to design a more effective marketing strategy, while providing the contributors with a share of the profit generated from the sales funnel.

Hire Affiliate Marketers from Suretalent
  • Planning of Affiliate Marketing Program & Strategy

    We offer Bing Ads who have massive prospects for organizations of all sizes– particularly those with lesser budgets. Bing ads are displayed not only on one but three search engines resulting in more reach to the audience.

  • Affiliate Marketing Solutions Deployment

    Our Affiliate marketing solutions deployment guarantees improvements in the working of an affiliate marketing campaign. We provide affordable affiliate marketing services that will boost your ROI in an efficient manner.

  • Advertising Networks’ Subscription

    We understand the value of advertising subscription plans and thus we rather than choosing a solitary network, we sign up for all the leading subscription networks that interest you so that you can find the most excellent advertisers and leads.

  • Monitoring of Affiliate Services

    The expert team of affiliate marketers at BrandBurp uses advanced techniques to monitor your affiliate services. Our experts help brands find affiliates that are redirecting to competitors, as well as verify affiliate compliance with things like product branding, pricing, and copyright regulations.

Top Affiliate Marketers are Handpicked by Suretalent
Types Of Affiliate Advertisement Programs
There are the following ways in which the affiliates pay to support your business module and goods or services in topic:
  • Pay Per Click

    You're paying here any time someone clicks on an ad or a link

  • Pay Per Lead

    The marketers who want people to sign-up or enter should choose this. Banks and other financial institutions, such as businesses and banks, prefer to do so.

  • Pay Per Sale

    You are charged a percentage of the sale you make from the article or advertising

  • Pay Per Action

    This is a modern alternative that is doing pretty well. Here, when the user completes an operation, you are paid. There are two ways it can be done

  • Pay Per Call

    affiliates allocate a 1-800 number for your website in general. When somebody calls, you are paid.

  • Pay Per Post

    When you write an interesting or unique blog about the advertisers, you are charged. This is done in order to keep the readers in sight.

Looking to Hire Dedicated Affiliate Marketers?
Suretalent has the highly qualified and expert team of developers & developers you need to start planning and executing your project today.
Hire Affiliate Marketers Expert from Suretalent
  • Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

    An expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

  • Work With Hand-Selected Talent

    Within days, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. Average time to match is under 24 hours.

  • The Right Fit, Guaranteed

    Work with your new team member on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring you hire the right people for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is affiliate marketing?

    The simplest explanation is that affiliate marketing is when you offer your product or service to publishers (aka affiliates) to promote on your behalf. In return, you’ll be expected to pay a commission every time a sale is made that can be directly attributed to that publisher (or affiliate).

  • How can affiliate marketing help my business?

    Affiliate marketing can help you grow your business in the following ways:

    • It allows you to save time and money on marketing, which is time you can dedicate to focusing and spending on other aspects of your business
    • It gives you access to professional marketers (affiliates/publishers)
    • It exposes your products to new audiences through promotional efforts by your team of publishers (affiliates)
    • It’s cost effective and has unmatched ROI
  • What is the process of scaling up or down with Suretalent?

    Suretalent has made the process of scaling up or down very easy. All it takes is an email from you to our HR department and you can ramp up or downsize your team here with us.

  • H How do I find quality publishers?

    The best way to work with qualified affiliate publishers is to hire an affiliate marketing agency that works with all the networks. The networks provide access to affiliates who’ve been rigorously vetted and had to go through a long application process to be included in the network.

  • How can I trust Suretalent for giving access to my digital campaigns?

    We are compliant with EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our resources sign an NDA and also have a security tracker on their systems.

  • What happens if my Affiliate marketer from Suretalent takes leave?

    All the resources at Suretalent are dedicated resources and we do not switch them for privacy concerns. However, an alternate digital marketer can be provided to you if you have opted for the team model only.

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