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Hire AWS Developers from Suretalent
  • Data Center Migration

    Once the pre-migration readiness is ensured on workload prioritization, our skilled developers execute a quick and seamless migration to the AWS cloud without breaking your workflow.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

    VPC is a logical isolation that is widely adopted by businesses to achieve agility, increase innovation, and faster growth. Leverage our VPC expertise to establish your own private-cloud like computing environment to define and control a virtual network.

  • Cloud Storage

    We combine Amazon cloud storage with on-premises cloud appliances to deliver collaboration capabilities, data protection, and storage deliveries in a single and cost-effective solution.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization

    For business applications, Performance is a crucial element, but paying for resources that are not viable but you rented for performance does make sense, so our experts carefully observe your application and make changes on AWS resources so you will get the best out of it.

  • Cloud Design and Implementation

    Our certified AWS solution architects have top-of-the-line expertise in designing architects for public cloud while focusing on business expansions, cost reduction, security, performance, IT virtualization, and scalability to reduce operational burden.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Using AWS services like Auto Scaling, Daily backup of RDS databases, and taking regular snapshots of your running application, our disaster experts ensure that your disaster recovery platform is tested and evaluated based on disaster recovery of your business.

  • 24×7 AWS Support

    Get around-the-clock support and resolution from a team of certified AWS engineers to solve AWS related queries, so your operations never miss a minute.

  • Security and Compliance

    Our top-of-the-line experts can help you configure a suite of AWS security tools to ensure that your business data is safe and secure from any harm.

  • Patching and Maintenance

    You focus on core business activities while we will take care of patch and maintenance activities that include monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services to support your infrastructure.

Top Developers are Handpicked by Suretalent
AWS Developers Skill Set
When you hire ReactJS specialist at Suretalent you will get hold of professionals, specialize in working with state of the art technologies and tools which will ensure your venture the desired efficiency and scalability of your final product.
Interation SNS | MQ | SQS
Mobile Services Mobile Hub | Device Farm
Security Cognito | Single Sign-On
Database Aurora | RDS | DynamoDB
Storage S3 | EBS | EFS
Computing EC2 | Lambda | API Gateway
Looking to Hire Dedicated AWS Developers?
Suretalent has the highly qualified and expert team of designers & developers you need to start planning and executing your project today.
Hire AWS Developers from Suretalent
  • Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

    An expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

  • Work With Hand-Selected Talent

    Within days, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. Average time to match is under 24 hours.

  • The Right Fit, Guaranteed

    Work with your new team member on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring you hire the right people for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the cost of hiring AWS app developers?

    We let you hire AWS App developers in India from Suretalent on an hourly or full-time basis. The costs vary depending on the hours of work and project type.

  • How can I hire AWS Developers from Suretalent?

    Hiring an AWS developer/team from Suretalent is quite simple. Send your project requirements, select an engagement model, interview candidates, and onboard.

  • Will the Developers Report Daily about the Project Progress?

    Yes. Our AWS engineers will keep you updated on the project development with daily/weekly/monthly reports. You can contact our engineers anytime.

  • Why should I hire dedicated AWS developers from Suretalent?

    Our AWS developers hold the expertise of working for hundreds of clients. They are well-versed in using the latest technology stacks and are prepared to solve any issues. You can hire dedicated AWS developers from Suretalent at a flexible model and cost-effective rates.

  • How experienced are your AWS developers?

    Our AWS developers hold an average six years of experience in developing AWS cloud applications. They have served clients from different industries and countries across the globe.

  • Is it cost-effective to develop an AWS Cloud app?

    Yes. We can help you build AWS cloud applications under your budget. Further, hiring AWS engineers from Suretalent is cost-effective.

  • How much do you charge per hour, approximate?

    The hourly developer rates vary depending on a developer's experience. The hourly rates start from $18 per hour.

  • How many AWS Cloud developers can I hire?

    The answer depends on your project needs and the budget. If you want to develop a complex AWS cloud application in less time, you need a big team to finish the project asap.

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We’ve served more than 2500 clients globally in the last 18 years and retained 97% of them.