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  • Node.js Development

    NodeJS is a lightning-fast JavaScript runtime developed on Chrome's V8 engine. We have a backend developer in Node js for the development of real-time applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and microservices. Its design is event-driven and single-threaded. Thus it can manage several connections at once.

  • Laravel Development

    Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that was developed to accelerate applications' development by incorporating functionalities directly into the framework itself. It makes it possible to deal with the backend aspects of an application, such as user accounts, exporting, and order administration, among other things.

  • Django Development

    Django is a framework written in Python that can handle any project, ranging from a simple website to complex web applications that handle enormous volumes of traffic. It promotes rapid development and has its naming system for all the services and components that make up the system.

  • Ruby on Rails Development

    Ruby on Rails is a framework for server-side web applications that is scalable, adheres to the main principles of convention over configuration, and uses a basic prototype to increase the pace of software development. It is equipped with the ability to construct high-performing applications of any complexity.

  • Golang Development

    Programming across large-scale network servers and massively distributed systems may be accomplished with the help of GoLang, a robust system-level programming language. It enables easy writing, quick code compilation, and efficient execution, which results in rapid compilation and execution.

  • ASP.Net Development

    Our backend developer for .Net can develop robust open-source, cross-platform framework that can construct dynamic and feature-rich web pages and online applications using compiled languages such as Visual Basic and C#. It is an essential component of the.NET framework concept that Microsoft has.

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Hire Backend Developers from Suretalent
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I find a cost-effective back-end developer?

    You can find the most cost-effective and high-quality back-end developer at Soft Suave. You can even hire our back-end developers at $16/hour, which is the most competitive cost in the industry.

  • Why should I work together with your team of back-end developers?

    Our team of back-end developers have vast industry experience in eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, Telecom, Construction. I am sure our experience and expertise will work handy to get astonishing business results.

  • How do I test your back-end developer's expertise?

    Soft Suave is open to testing our developer’s expertise and experience. You can choose methods like one-to-one video calls or share test tasks so you can understand the expertise of our developers directly.

  • What are the various hiring models offered by you to hire back end developers?

    We are a leading backend development company offering curated hiring models, keeping our valuable clients in our minds. Here are a few flexible hiring models;

    • Full-time Basis
    • Part-time Basis
    • Milestone Basis
  • What are the advantages of hiring a back-end developer from Soft Suave?

    Hire backend developers from us to have a competitive edge in the development industry. You will have the top-grade developers in the world beside you to stay dedicated and committed to your business goals.

  • Will I be getting free support from you?

    We provide free support for a certain period after project completion. Then after, we charge a nominal amount.

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