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We will help you identify new possibilities, hidden risks, your core audience, and their requirements by capturing this essence of data analysis and management as part of our data analytics services. Utilize the power of technology and data to determine, differentiate, and personalize your influence in the market using data management, predictive analytics, data migration, and other related services that are all housed under one roof.

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  • Big Data Analytics

    Our big data solutions offer relevant insights for various topics, including consumer behavior, operational processes, fraud protection, risk management, and more. These insights are made possible by accessing the appropriate tools and a broad technological stack.

  • Data Management

    Our data and analytics company tackles the daunting challenge of quality management, data governance, migration, integration, and implementation, as well as archiving, with the utmost competence and prowess.

  • Predictive Analytics

    A method known as predictive analysis is a kind of future-gazing that involves examining previous data to make accurate forecasts of future events based on a range of predetermined factors. Using our sophisticated analytics tools, you may find trends and identify the future worth of your company.

  • Data Visualization And Reporting

    Our specialists in data visualization can create profiles of your data using incentive charts, infographics, heat maps, and other such tools to assist you in revealing previously hidden value, gaining new insights, generating custom reports, and developing your decision support system.

  • Data Migration And Integration

    We guarantee that the system performance, security, and maintenance are adequately monitored during the move to ensure a seamless migration and integration that does not interfere with your business activities.

  • Architecture Assessment And Advisory

    Our full-cycle architecture assessment and advisory data solutions ensure that all of your company's information technology requirements are satisfied. With the assistance of our data adviser, you will be able to do a checkup on your current data, identify any risks, and simplify its design.

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Tech Stack Used by Our Senior Data Analysts
Data Warehouses Snowflake Redshift Google Big Query PostgreSQL Teradata Maria DB Netezza
Transactional Databases OracleMicrosoft AzurePythonSQL
Data Preparation Looker DataikuAlteryxImprovado Data Ladder Trifacta Tamr Talend Microstrategy
Data Transformation DBT Python SQL Striim SaS Precisely KeboolaJitterbit Fivetran Informatica Celigo
Data Analytics SAP Qlik MicroStrategy R Python RapidMiner Apache Spark KNIME Sisense Redash Domo
Data Science Platforms Data Robot Dataiku Splunk IBM Watson StudioMATLAB Jupyter Notebook Mathematica
Data Science Libraries PandasNumPyPyTorchScikitLearnSpark MLTensorFlowMatplotlibBokehSeabornScrapy
Data Visualization Power BI TableauDundas BI JupyteR Plotly Infogram D3.js chart.js Polymaps
Data Storage MemSQLHbaseHadoopMongoDBCassandraHivePolyBaseAWS3Google Big Data Service
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Hire Data Analyst from Suretalent
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does a data analyst do?

    A data analyst is responsible for collecting the raw data from several sources. He organizes, cleans, and integrates the data into data warehouses. Data analyst is also responsible for analyzing and producing analytics reports with critical insights helpful in solving business problems.

  • How do I hire a data analyst?

    There are three options for hiring a data analyst.

    • Hire data analysts on the payroll.
    • Hire a freelancer data analyst.
    • Hire vetted and prescreened data analysts from companies like Bacancy.
  • Why do I need a data analyst?

    A data analyst bestows enhanced decision-making powers in the companies and implements an evidence-based data nature. Besides, data analysts empower companies to adapt to changing needs. Mitigate risks, identify frauds, create & deliver new products, and personalize service offerings.

  • Why should you hire a data analyst?

    No matter what you sell or buy, every business needs data analysts to understand its customers and gain vital business insights.

    Data analysts empower you to make bigger, bolder, and more intelligent decisions backed by solid data insights.

    Here are some reasons you should hire a data analyst for,

    • To help management in making better decisions.
    • To help businesses in defining goals and increasing productivity.
    • To improve the efficiency of employees and help them adapt to the data culture.
    • To identify opportunities and mitigate risks.
    • To enhance customer satisfaction and customer service.
  • How to find a good data analyst?

    Finding a good data analyst needs patience, clarity, and evaluation. Although you will find tons of data analyst profiles on freelance platforms and job portals, evaluating them to check if they meet your specific expectations is challenging.

    The best way to find a good data analyst is to rely on the companies like Bacancy offering data analysts for hire. At Bacancy, we have pre screened and vetted data analyst profiles who have worked on several projects and proved their worth to their clients and us.

    Approach us, and we will provide you with top data analyst talent. You can screen, interview them, evaluate them based on short tests or assignments and hire them per your requirements.

  • Can I hire a data analyst for hourly or project-based tasks?

    Yes! You can hire a data analyst hourly or on a project basis. Please get in touch with us, and we will discuss the prerequisites and guide you to the most suitable hiring model.

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