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1 High converting ads for Facebook or Google or YouTube.
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1 High converting ads for Facebook or Google or YouTube.
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Features & Benefits of Blockchain

  • Ability to customize Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URLs, and Header Tags.
  • A well-optimized URL structure and simple 301 redirects. ...
  • Mobile customization.
  • A powerful internal search feature and proper indexation of internal search results pages
  • Good customer support and a savvy technical team


SEO Benefits

  • Website Development
  • Ranking
  • Social Network
  • Traffic
  • Link Building

Why do you need SEO?

Building a strong site architecture and providing clear navigation will help search engines index your site quickly and easily. This will also, more importantly, provide visitors with a good experience of using your site and encourage repeat visits. It’s worth considering that Google is increasingly paying attention to user experience.

SEO Expert

Wondering why you have an awesome website but still, not enough traffic is coming to your website. Well, the most probable answer is that people don’t know that your website is awesome because nobody is telling them it is. Your website content is not search engine optimized and hence when people search for things relevant to you; the search engine does not throw up your website as a probable solution to direct people to your site.

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is commonly called is a combination of various strategies and techniques which help in increasing the number of visitors to a particular website by obtaining a high ranking in the search engine result page. In simple words, when you search for something on a search engine for example Google, you see a number of results and a number of pages. The result that comes first is the best SEO optimized page, and the chances of a user visiting that page are maximized. The results that reflect in second page onwards are not SEO optimized and therefore the number of visitors visiting those websites are low.

The art of SEO is something that needs to be learned to produce results for clients. The results are easily quantifiable in the sense that the number of people visiting a website would surely go up after optimizing the website. There are a number of technicalities and tactics involved in optimizing a page. Each search engine has its algorithm by which it ranks the pages, and they are not always similar. Hence, a good optimizer needs to have knowledge about these algorithms and apply the ideas strategically to ensure value is delivered to clients.

However, hiring a full-time SEO optimizer can not only be expensive, but it also may not make much business sense to hire someone full time simply to optimize your website. Moreover, if the content on your website does not change regularly, this can be just a one-time activity. The best alternative if you plan to optimize your website is to hire a Suretalent who knows his/her job.

So where will you get a Suretalent who can help you with SEO? Look no further than is the largest online platform that brings employers and Suretalents together. With over 19 million users finding a Suretalent who can help you with SEO at an affordable price is easy.

Suretalents on can help you with the following:

  • Develop an SEO strategy to improve your site ranking
  • Create high-quality links by implementing rich keyword and anchor texts
  • Create SEO rich content for publishing and distribution
  • Enhance rankings in searches by performing regular SEO audits
  • Optimize site navigation, title tags and description tags to maximize clickthrough rate

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing
1 High converting ads for Facebook or Google or YouTube.
Search Engine Optimization
Premium Subscription
Platinum Package upto 5 adsets + 7 days Management
Account setup
Campaign QA
Ongoing Management
Delivery Time
2 Days 1 Day 1 Day

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