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Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework by Google that offers an overload of features and capabilities. Using Dart as a language, Flutter’s innovative method of ‘widgets’ and ‘libraries’ makes the creation of beautiful apps with creative UI’
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Fully Responsive Android and IOS App UI
It Includes
  • 2 Operating systems
  • App Submission
  • App Icon
  • Splash Screen
  • Ad Network Integration
  • Include Source Code
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Fully Responsive Android and IOS App UI
It Includes
  • 2 Operating systems
  • App Submission
  • App Icon
  • Splash Screen
  • Include Source Code
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Features & Benefits of Flutter Developers

  • Fast and Simple app development
    Rated as the best Flutter app development company, we owe it to our developers who are happy to use Flutter because they can view the changes to the code almost instantaneously without losing the present status. This speeds up app development to the delight of our clients, always.
  • Cross-Platform Capability
    Getting the same look and feel for an app on both platforms, Android and iOS, is a tough task for most developers. With a single codebase, Flutter allows our developers to build cross-platform apps. The ready-to-use widgets that Flutter offers help to create the native look in Android and iOS apps. For our clients, it saves them the hassles of hiring Android and iOS developers separately.
  • Large Supportive Community
    With more stars on GitHub than any other cross-platform SDK, Flutter is growing in popularity. Barely a year old now, Flutter has more resources than ever to foster quick app development. Our developers are happy because building apps with Flutter is getting easier by the day. More developers are learning to code using Flutter and we have some of the best developers on our rolls. This makes the job easy for our clients looking to hire Flutter app developers.
  • Amazing Widgets
    Thanks to Flutter, our developers create amazing cross-platform apps that are super-functional and high performing using the readymade widgets. Flutter is endowed with the unique capability to compile directly into native code. Flutter does not request access to OEM widgets and voila! The result is less start-up time and practically no performance issues.
  • Games and IoT
    There is no denying the fact that gamification is among the fastest-growing technology trends. This is why our professional Flutter teams make full use of game features and interfaces on mobile apps to the delight of our clients. We are happy to acknowledge that Flutter is predicted to be part of apps created for a wider range of platforms in addition to the mobile, web and the desktop.
  • Top Pick for mobile app development
    For our clients who come to us with tight deadlines and tighter budgets, there is no better choice than Flutter. We develop cross-platform apps with reasonable costs and offer great speed and usability at the same time. That is why we love Flutter and our clients love us. With every new Flutter update, the capabilities are seen to increase and the quality of our cross-platform apps will only get better.


Flutter App Development Tools

  • Panache
  • Adobe XD
  • Codemagic
  • Count.ly
  • Sylph
  • Test Magic

Skills and Expertise

  • Social Networking / Dating Apps
  • Taxi Booking Apps
  • Food Ordering Apps
  • Appointment Booking Apps
  • Travel & Entertainment Apps
  • Online Music Apps
  • Real Estate Apps
  • UI | Map Based Apps
  • Education / Online Tutoring Apps
  • Telehealth / Healthcare Apps
  • Inspection Service platform, and a lot more

My Development Process

  • Collect & Analyze Client Requirements
  • Design
  • Back-end Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance & Support Free Up-to 1 Month

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing
Android & IOS App UI
Fully Responsive Android and IOS App UI
Professional App For Android & IOS
Flutter Developers
Premium Subscription
Industry Standard App
Industry Standard High Quality App For Android and IOS With Admin Panel and 1 Month Bug Fix Support
App Submission
App Icon
Splash Screen
Ad Network Integration
Include Source Code
Delivery Time
2 Days 1 Day 1 Day


  • Will Flutter replace native app development?

    It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly the future of Flutter will look like. Flutter has a bright future, that is certain, but it won’t necessarily replace the traditions many developers have become accustomed to.

  • Why does Flutter use dart?

    Dart is object-oriented which comes with natural advantages. You can also use Dart to program both iOS and Android apps making it highly productive for developers.

  • Can I build web applications with Flutter?

    Yes, but your developers will be using a beta version of the framework. Flutter is primarily used for building mobile apps but the Flutter team is in the process of improving and honing in on the changes needed for web support.

  • What will be the cost a Flutter app that you develop for a client?

    The cost of the Flutter app will depend on many factors including the complexity level, the features and functions, the screens and the functions required, among other factors. If you have an app idea, you can get in touch with our expert developers to discuss the costs.

  • Do the Flutter developers work in different time zones? Can we directly assess the progress of our app development?

    Yes. Our Flutter developer teams work in different time zones. As a reputed Flutter development company, we assign the services of a dedicated Project Manager as soon as the agreement is signed. You have direct access to this Project Manager who will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

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  • Adam Stark

    Flutter Developer

    Suretalent had a full complement of skills and abilities. No problem we faced was too big or small for them to handle. Their level of communication was first class. They offer a cost-effective service and I was happy with the experience.
  • Gloria

    Flutter Developer

    Suretalent team is very diligent and cooperative. They made sure that they took our feedback on-board and made changes. Very responsive and clear communication. Really enjoyed working with them on this project.
  • Carolina

    Flutter Developer

    I have worked with “Suretalent ” for a few months. If you have any project with Flutter, this team is highly recommended. The team is very expert and fast while doing the task. They are also very efficient and handle their client professionally.
  • Paul

    Flutter Developer

    Very fast delivery. just got a single day to complete Flutter UI with complex animations. This was exactly what I wanted. I will work with him again definitely.
  • Shane Williams

    Flutter Developer

    Good communication and fast delivery with high quality. Will hire again for sure!
  • Scott Ward

    Flutter Developer

    Hafiz is very professional in his communication and skill delivery. He not only delivered what was initially discussed but also made a suggestion around scope that was missing. He is a pleasure to work with and his willingness to meet the requirements go above and beyond what was expected. We will definitely continue to work with Hafiz as well as recommend working with him to anyone that comes across his profile.