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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a module for customer service automation that streamlines case and knowledge management, enables personalized customer service with a 360-degree customer view, and provides visibility into customer service depart
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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Key Features

  • Automatic case creation
    New cases for agents are created according to incoming requests submitted via email, web, phone calls, etc.
  • Automatic case routing
    Cases are assigned to agents or queues according to predefined rules.
  • Key case information
    Providing agents with key information about a case, including a case subject and ID, request description, origin, full history of interactions with a customer.
  • Merging similar cases
    Allowing agents to combine multiple similar cases into one case according to predefined rules to keep track of them easier.
  • Reassigning a case
    Providing a possibility to manually assign a case to another agent when different or deeper competencies are needed.
  • Knowledge base for agents and customers
    Enabling agents to create and manage knowledge articles for agents (accessed from the Unified Service Desk) and customers (via customer portal).
  • Knowledge base search
    Allowing agents to access helpful information for quicker case resolution using Full-text search and Relevance search.


Valuable Integrations for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

You can enhance Dynamics 365 Customer Service capabilities by integrating it with relevant business applications:
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + ERP
    To enable agents access in Dynamics 365 Customer Service the latest information on the company’s products and services (products in stock, service pricing, discount terms, etc.) and the current status of customer orders and invoice details from ERP to answer customers’ questions.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + sales and marketing tools
    To enable agents to view customer purchasing details in Dynamics 365 Customer Service; to help marketers create more personalized email campaigns with discounts addressed to the customers unsatisfied with the company’s products or services.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Field service management software
    To streamline collaboration between field workers and customer service agents, when a customer case requires an on-site visit of a dedicated specialist; to manage work orders and resources, schedule field service visits from Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Computer-telephony integration (CTI) system
    To let customer service agents initiate and accept customer calls directly from Dynamics 365 Customer Service for boosted customer service speed.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Document management software
    To enable agents to quickly and easily create, search and edit documents (e.g., product usage instructions, presentations) in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Customization Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides wide customization capabilities, including:
  • Case management workflows customization to automate customer service processes and rules of any complexity.
  • Automation of routine operations and business rules.
  • Data structure customization to add or rename attributes of objects like Customer, Contact Person, Case, etc., which enables tracking and using information specific for your business in automated workflows.
  • Forms customization to create custom forms for surveys, quizzes and polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, etc.


  • How quickly can I implement Dynamics 365 Marketing?

    The time taken to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing can vary depending on individual client requirements and availability. Typically, using Suretalent’s Dynamics 365 Marketing Accelerator, our customers go live in 2-4 weeks’ time.

  • How much does it cost to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing?

    In many instances, organisations can complete the initial setup of standard Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities, onboarding and training in a fixed-price engagement totalling $4750 using Suretalent's Marketing Accelerator program from Suretalent. This can be combined with additional packs, to provide further capabilities for your initial implementation, or to address broader marketing needs. Dynamics 365 Marketing application licenses are billed separately.

  • How do I get started on Dynamics 365 Marketing?

    With our accelerated onboarding program, you will receive training and hands-on guidance on how to get started on Dynamics 365 Marketing and create your first marketing campaign. We will train you focusing on your immediate priorities that can include email marketing distribution, customer journeys, segmenting audiences, using AI and marketing insights and creating landing pages with online forms. Ongoing support and assistance is available through Suretalent’s Elevate 365 Managed Service.

  • How do I add marketing to Dynamics 365?

    Once you purchase Dynamics 365 Marketing, we will add it to your Microsoft 365 tenant by installing the app and configuring the application with essential marketing settings based on your requirements. Through our Marketing Accelerator program, we will further assist you in getting started on the application and creating your first marketing campaign.

  • How is Dynamics 365 Marketing licensed?

    Dynamics 365 Marketing is tenant-based and metered by the number of contacts used, unlike other Dynamics 365 apps. As a tenant-based license, Dynamics 365 Marketing can be installed, configured and used within a single Dynamics environment. There is no need to purchase separate user licences for the Marketing app and administrators are able to manage user access through the admin portal. If you are already using a qualifying Dynamics 365 application, Marketing can be purchased at a reduced amount. Click here for more information on licensing.

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