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Advance Salesforce Adminstrator

$35 per hour(average)
I will help you in setup, customization, integration with 3rd party tool, report and dashboard.
Need Something else?
Connect with our support team and we will respond within 24 hours.
$499 per month(average)
I will help you in setup, customization, integration with 3rd party tool, report and dashboard.
Need Something else?
Connect with our support team and we will respond within 24 hours.

Features & Benefits

  • Effortless Data Updates
  • Improved Communication With Teammates
  • Glitchless Forecasting
  • Role Permissions
  • Trouble-free Data migration
  • Seamless Package Integration
  • Continuous Testing and Maintenance
  • Client-centric dashboards & User Interfaces
  • Systematic Workflows and approval processes
  • Time Saving Tool
  • Custom console
  • Customized Email Services


Suretalent Salesforce Offerings

  • Salesforce Implementation Services
    Adopting a new system is no easy task, and that is why Suretalent experts deliver end-to-end Salesforce implementation services. We assess your existing systems and software before identifying suitable solutions within Salesforce. From here, we migrate data and workflows and redevelop system integrations to create an interconnected customer management ecosystem on Salesforce. Salesforce implementation will lead to more agile customer support and in-depth insight, giving your business the tools needed for long-term growth and success.
  • Proprietary Salesforce SalesOps
    Suretalent has developed its custom solution for Salesforce called SalesOps Customer Data Enrichment (CDE). CDE uses AI and machine learning to leverage customer data from your sales database to correlate and automate low- to mid-level sales workflows in real time. The solution increases the speed of sales order processing and adjustment, with full workflow automation to enhance responsiveness and reduce overall sales workloads. The result is better customer fulfillment rates and better customer experience (CX) thanks to real-time notifications on orders.
  • Salesforce Data Analytics and Dashboards
    Salesforce offers powerful data analytics and dashboard creation functionality. With analytics, you can load data from your data warehouse for processing within Salesforce. Drill deep into sales, marketing, and customer support data to extract insight that can shape your business strategy in key areas. These insights can then be delivered to key stakeholders across the business to keep them informed about key performance indicators (KPIs). Furthermore, you can open up these datasets to employees, giving them real-time visibility into their performance to drive workload ownership and increase productivity.
  • Salesforce Self-Service Provision
    Customer support has always been a resource-intensive task, requiring significant human resources and infrastructure for communication. Salesforce aims to streamline customer support with self-service provisions that empower users to resolve problems themselves. The provisions include help guides for your products and software, and user account recovery procedures, among other things. Self-service for customers will reduce the workloads of your customer service team, allowing them to focus on critical support tasks while simultaneously reducing your contact center’s workforce requirements. All of this allows for a leaner and more efficient support service, faster issue remediation, and more personalized experiences.
  • Salesforce Einstein Financial Services Configuration
    Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used across the platform to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality. The AI can be used on services like the Salesforce Financial Cloud to deliver sharp client insights and engagement tools. You can enable email analytics and contextualization in the Salesforce Financial Cloud with Einstein, generating alerts for mentions of competitors or products to categorize and grade opportunities. With full CRM system integration, customer and client information is readily available including products, financial assets, and services. You can assess the value of these customers and generate risk profiles for loans and credit services, all while maintaining full regulatory compliance thanks to the centralized nature of Salesforce.

Our Salesforce Development Services

  • Custom Application Development
    With decades of expertise in serving companies across verticals, we build custom apps that can be easily integrated into the Salesforce platform to advance business processes and workflows or can be used independently to support specific Salesforce functions. We are recognized amongst leading Salesforce development companies for delivering on-demand Salesforce development services and solutions for the cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.
  • Mobile App Development
    Considering varied user preferences for mobile platforms to access business applications, we develop iOS, Android, and cross-platform Salesforce mobile APIs. We are adept at building robust & reliable native, hybrid, and SF1 mobile app solutions. Our mobile app development competencies allow businesses to access crucial information, collaborate with their teams, and acquire amplified user engagement with highly secure and scalable Salesforce-powered apps.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App Development
    We are a seasoned Salesforce development company in India and the USA providing hybrid Salesforce1 mobile app development services. Our Salesforce app development services aid organizations to realize the potential of cloud architecture and pre-built APIs leveraging exclusive mobile versions of Salesforce. Our Salesforce development services help businesses augment their performance, productivity, and profitability with minimum coding.
  • Development
    Having a proven track record in strategizing premier solutions, we are known as one of the reputed Salesforce development partners. Our feature-rich applications developed using an integrated development environment help companies with codeless data modeling and process automation. We allow organizations to leverage the power of cloud computing through a complete range of solutions for maximized Salesforce investments.
  • AppExchange App Development
    Serving enterprises with cloud-based Salesforce applications, we are an esteemed Salesforce development company in India and the USA. Our AppExchange products are market-ready Salesforce applications that address distinct business concerns of customer management, engagement, and acquisition. With deep expertise in developing apps for the Salesforce marketplace, we have vested several renowned companies in attaining optimized business productivity.
  • Salesforce Customization
    We align our certified developers for Salesforce customization projects to render extra value additions that cannot be achieved through standard Salesforce implementations and configurations. Our Salesforce configuration and customization solutions cater to distinct business requirements while extending the CRM functionalities. Besides altering the underlying code and/or including custom fields, we also develop customized dashboards and reports.

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  • Do you provide any solution on Salesforce i.e Development, Consulting & Integration?

    Yes :) I can help you out with any solution related to Salesforce on its different cloud like Marketing , Sales , Service , CPQ, FSL , Integration etc.

  • Are you Salesforce certified?

    Yes, I am having a different certification on Salesforce and having 8+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Do you have team to deal with long term projects?

    Yes I have team of Salesforce certified professionals. They are having 4-10 of experience in Salesforce environment.

  • How much knowledge of Salesforce development do you have?

    I have been working for more than 5 years as salesforce resource and did work on approximately on every component of salesforce development like, Classes, Trigger, Visualforce pages, Lightning Component, Batch jobs, Schedule jobs, Rest APIs, Callouts and Suretalent.

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