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Need Something else?
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Our Integration Approach

  • Understanding Business Demands
  • Developing a realistic Salesforce Integration roadmap
  • Checking the process design and implementing the solution
  • Testing Integration components and quality
  • Providing maintenance and support for integration systems


What are Suretalent Salesforce Integration services?

  • Salesforce Application-based Integrations
    Our experts help you choose the integration apps on AppExchange and then configure your required integration.
  • Salesforce Integrations through Third-Party Platforms
    To build a unified view of your customer, sometimes you need to create a more engaged customer and employee experience with third-party data integrations. With Salesforce, you can import together various systems — data that resides in external ERP, Supply Chain, HR, or on-premises software with an approach that uses integration middleware, e.g., Informatica, Mulesoft, Jitterbit, SAP, Oracle, etc. Our robust tools and secure APIs efficaciously reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems.
  • Direct Salesforce Integrations
    For smaller, point-to-point integrations, with your cost efficiencies in mind, we also develop custom Salesforce Integrations using REST/ SOAP APIs.
  • Salesforce integration through Custom Middleware
    In some cases, we build on custom middleware, which is typically presented on AWS or Heroku. This approach is recommended in the case of multiple system integrations and constrained API limits.

We have Integration Solutions For All Your Business Departments

At Suretalent, we believe in unlocking the valuable enterprise data of all your departments with our integration services. This implies
  • Smooth data flow between departments
  • A single platform for all users
  • Automated data synchronization
  • ERP Integration
    Manage your company’s customers and resources by our ERP Integration. You not only get a 360-degree customer view but also a clear visualization of the demand and supply cycle for superior planning and procurement. Checking inventory details like payments, sales, invoices, order status, etc. is a piece of cake. Suretalent has a rich experience in Salesforce integrations with various illustrious ERP systems like SAP, Sage, Oracle ERP Salesforce service cloud integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, NetSuite, Infor, Acumatica, etc.
  • Accounting Integration
    Easily share financial data with your sales team, manage invoices and transactions and get financial data-driven insights to improve forecasts and enrich customer profiles by connecting a CRM to an accounting system. We have assisted several clients by integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, Saasu, MYOB, etc.
  • Marketing Integration
    The alignment between the Sales and Marketing functions is a must. This requires the integration of the CRM with the marketing module. You can easily manage influential marketing campaigns, get re-engagement of cold leads and nurture established leads for consistently flawless customer experience. The top requests in this regard include HubSpot, Mailchimp, Eloqua and Marketo.
  • Social Media Integration
    We need to consistently get updated with customers’ news and thoughts to deliver a personalized customer experience and enhance user engagement. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are some such social media platforms that need to be integrated with Salesforce for tracking prospects’ social media activities and increase their visibility on such platforms. We also have a bespoke offering that provides a unified UI to help interact across social media platforms.
  • Salesforce E-commerce Integration
    We can do Salesforce E-commerce integration with e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Zuora, WooCommerce, etc. with your Salesforce CRM can help you run personalized campaigns, increase revenue per customer and improve inventory management, thus enhancing the customer service experience.
  • CTI Integration
    Our proficient Salesforce Integration experts can assist you in integrating third-party computer-telephony-integration systems with Salesforce CRM. This will help you improve call management by identifying and routing incoming calls, recording calls automatically and enabling VoIP and PSTN calling, thus gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Salesforce Email Integration
    Witness a considerable improvement in productivity by syncing your emails, contacts, tasks, and appointments with Salesforce CRM. An added benefit is a complete history of customer relationships with no extra time wasted on data logging. Some examples of Salesforce Email Integrations are integration with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.
  • ITSM Integration
    This integration brings technical support, sales and service departments together in a single customer-centric environment. Usually, these departments use entirely different software in their work. But with the introduction of Salesforce ITSM Integration, all units serve a unified purpose, attracting new customers and improving profit margins.


  • Do you provide any solution on Salesforce i.e Development, Consulting & Integration?

    Yes :) I can help you out with any solution related to Salesforce on its different cloud like Marketing , Sales , Service , CPQ, FSL , Integration etc.

  • Are you Salesforce certified?

    Yes, I am having a different certification on Salesforce and having 8+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Do you have team to deal with long term projects?

    Yes I have team of Salesforce certified professionals. They are having 4-10 of experience in Salesforce environment.

  • How much knowledge of Salesforce development do you have?

    I have been working for more than 5 years as salesforce resource and did work on approximately on every component of salesforce development like, Classes, Trigger, Visualforce pages, Lightning Component, Batch jobs, Schedule jobs, Rest APIs, Callouts and Suretalent.

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