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Features of Our Salesforce Lightning Consulting Services

  • Salesforce AppExchange Expertise
    Develop outstanding lightning-ready AppExchange solutions for all types of businesses
  • Pixel Perfect Design
    Create lightning-based designs with pixel-perfect precision for Salesforce applications
  • Faster Turnaround time
    Drastically reduce your development time by building reusable lightning components.
  • App Builder
    Create customized mobile apps faster using the drag and drop capabilities of the lightning app.
  • Lightning Process Builder
    Expedite your regular, repetitive and standard operational tasks using the process builder.
  • Lightning voice
    Enable voice calls within Sales Cloud to help salespersons sell faster and smarter.


How Is Salesforce Lightning helpful?

In order to heighten its productivity, every company desires to deliver a premium user experience. This calls for adopting
  • Modern platforms
  • Latest technologies
  • Smarter solutions.
Salesforce Lightning is the key to fulfill all these requirements. The advanced features of Salesforce Lightning reinvent the desktop environment and enhance the Salesforce ambient use from desktops and mobiles to Visualforce pages. Our experts with rich experience provide you the best solution for your business needs. Every aspect in the salesforce lightning developer guide will be up and running, customized as per your requirements.
  • Task Automation
    It helps in reducing the manual handling of simple tasks or a series of more complex tasks with the goal of making processes more efficient and employees more productive by automating workflows. It makes automation accessible to everyone and anyone can build workflows with a few clicks.
  • User-friendly
    The interface is extremely user-friendly, be it the field executive, or a team lead or a business head, the customizable interface offers relevant information with easy navigation. So, be it data entry or real-time review, it is a breeze.
  • Platform compatible
    The Lightning components automatically adapt to any of your existing devices. The Lightning service offers a consistent experience across all the tools.
  • Work Rule Management
    The Salesforce Lightning Service allows admins to manage work rules in order to manage business priorities and service level agreements
  • Data Analysis
    Get insights on trends, predictions and KPIs for a smarter and scalable business.
  • Effective Supervision
    The Lightning Service supervises all the tasks by viewing and managing them using Gantt charts or map views.

Our Salesforce Lightning Offerings

  • Lightning Consulting
    We help you design and plan your Lightning strategy to optimally utilize Lightning components and get higher ROI.
  • Lightning Component Development
    We design and develop reusable custom Lightning Components to facilitate business growth.
  • Lightning Process Automation
    We eliminate the need for manual, repetitive workflows by providing assistance for the business process automation with the use of the Salesforce Lightning Process builder that deploys workflow across devices.
  • Lightning Connect
    We help to reduce the integration and synchronization times by providing access to data sources with the help of real-time requests for the configuration of a user’s visit on a related list or detailed page of an external object.
  • Cross-Platform Customization
    We re-design and re-deploy customization of and platforms to make them Lightning-ready.
  • Lightning App Development
    Be it for start-ups or well-established businesses, we specialize in building tailor-fitted Lightning-ready applications customized for both managed and unmanaged packages.
  • Ambient Cross-Device Experience
    We customize the complete existing and solution, transforming it to make it mobile and Lightning-ready for a responsive UX across devices.
  • Lightning Community Portals
    We empower you to connect with thousands of users and provide proactive customer service and accelerated sales by customizing solutions using Salesforce Community Cloud Platform


  • Do you provide any solution on Salesforce i.e Development, Consulting & Integration?

    Yes :) I can help you out with any solution related to Salesforce on its different cloud like Marketing , Sales , Service , CPQ, FSL , Integration etc.

  • Are you Salesforce certified?

    Yes, I am having a different certification on Salesforce and having 8+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Do you have team to deal with long term projects?

    Yes I have team of Salesforce certified professionals. They are having 4-10 of experience in Salesforce environment.

  • How much knowledge of Salesforce development do you have?

    I have been working for more than 5 years as salesforce resource and did work on approximately on every component of salesforce development like, Classes, Trigger, Visualforce pages, Lightning Component, Batch jobs, Schedule jobs, Rest APIs, Callouts and Suretalent.

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