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Email Marketing Features

  • Mobile Optimization.
  • Scalable Pricing.
  • Robust Analytics.
  • Third-party Integrations.
  • Customer Service.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Email Surveys.
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Email Marketing Experts

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies there is – it’s a reliable strategy that continues to be important for online business growth. Which is why hiring an agency is such a tempting option for a ton of online brands.
But why does it make sense to hire email marketing experts? What does it involve? And what should a business look out for to make sure they get what they need?
If you’re looking to hire a professional team you’ll want to make sure that email marketing is right for your business, and you’ll want to know what to ask about to ensure it fits with your specific business goals.
Email outreach marketing is one of the most successful online marketing strategies there is – and it’s one of the highest ROI driving strategies available. It claims the best median ROI for many business marketers out of all digital marketing strategies: as much as 124% (more than SEO and PPC). Its perceived value is great among many businesses, with close to 1-in-3 claiming it delivers them the best ROI overall! Email marketing experts claim that it can drive as much as $44 dollars in returns, for every $1 invested. And some data claims that email is 40x more effective at customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined – and that shoppers spend more than 13% extra when contacted through email, plus nearly 60% of people claim to check their email first in the morning!
Nearly 8 in 10 companies use email driven marketing now, and it accounts for more than $350 million in advertising in just the U.S. alone. Hiring email marketing experts can help brands take advantage of huuuge opportunities for untapped revenue – and for expanding their existing marketing content.
Here’s what consider to get the best in expert email marketing:

What You Can Achieve with Email Marketing?

  • You can increase brand awareness.
  • You can remind people of your business, special offers and any new events your company is hosting, and more.
  • You can build strong relationships with your customers by personalizing your emails.
  • You can shoot up sales and revenues.
  • You can increase the retention rate by continually updating your customers about new products and discount offers.

Email Marketing Services

Got an email marketing challenge you need to solve? Don’t have a clue where to start? From planning your email marketing strategy and preparing a roadmap till the promotional emails, our email marketing services in India have the right person for every email job you need. Here are the different types of email marketing challenges that your offshore email marketing expert can easily address.
  • Cold Outbound Emails
    Hire email marketing experts to send sales email to a potential buyer. Our email marketing experts are well-versed in gathering email addresses through online research to target prospects that fit in your ideal customer profile.
  • Nurture Sequence Emails
    Hire an email marketing expert from India to start an automated series of emails for your subscribers. This helps to build trust and relationship with your subscribers and nurture them down the funnel.
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
    Never let a potential prospect leave. Hire email marketing consultant to draft a follow-up message for any customer who leaves your website without purchasing the items in their online shopping cart.
  • Newsletter Emails
    We work meticulously to personalize the content of each email newsletter to appeal to your ideal target market. Your subscribers will only receive customized email campaigns.
  • Transactional Emails
    Personalize your transactional messages. Our email marketing specialists are well-versed in using various transactional email services and tools, including Amazon SES, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and more.
  • Promotional Emails
    Our email marketing experts serve you with everything you need for effective campaigns. Send new offers, product discounts, free trial offers, discount vouchers and more to promote your brand and improve sales and revenue.
  • Inbound Emails
    Pay special attention to the users who are already interested in your brand. Hire remote email marketing experts to flawlessly target your potential customer to make a purchase and engage in your services.
  • Upsell/Cross-Sell Emails
    Hire email marketers who never miss an opportunity to upsell. Leverage the benefits of cross-selling and promote your additional products and new launches with effective marketing emails and brand strategy.
  • Email Database
    Our email marketing experts do not only gather the database for running your campaigns but also filter the data to send personalised and most relevant emails to your target audience.


  • How can I make customers read through my email?

    Customers open emails they connect with and those, which sound relevant. So, the first thing you need to do is to understand your customer’s expectations and things that matter to them the most. Whenever you shoot an email ask yourself, “Does the email content, especially the subject line matter to my customer?” Customers instantly connect to emails, which are personalized and when the call to action is relevant. Also, if you create an urgency they do read and respond as well. Focus on the value you create for the customer and the benefits you are offering.

  • Will my sales hike due to an email marketing campaign?

    Email campaigns can surely hike sales, provided you stimulate and inspire the audience towards investing their money in your brand/ products. When would you buy a product? When it provides a solution to an existing or future problem. When you trust the brand and you connect (emotionally and rationally) with the message/signal the advertiser is trying to convey to you. Well, then you have your question answered. So, convey to the audience that your product/service will provide them with a solution and add value to their life. Share testimonials and case studies to build trust. Create an email with inspiring content and visually strong images (a picture is worth a thousand words) that emotionally and rationally connect with the customer.

  • Any tips on how to write the content of an email?

    Content that offers value to the customers, for example, a discount or sale would elicit an instant response. But, emails are not just meant to inform customers about offers and discounts. There is a journey that each brand has to travel vis-a-vis each customer to drive him/her to reach to the end of the sales funnel and ultimately make a purchase. Through emails, you connect with the audience, build interest in your brand, build trust and then get down to talking about the sale. When you directly talk about the sale, it might generate a positive response once or twice but, to convert that customer into a loyal one, you need to go through this journey.

  • How do I grow my email subscribers’ list? Should I buy an email list or build it myself?

    Buying an email list is strictly a no-no! As these email ids are not verified and not all are interested in your brand. The email list is of no use if your subscribers do not open your emails. If subscribers aren’t actively engaging with your emails or aren’t interested, your email campaigning efforts are redundant. There are various ways in which you can grow your own opt-in email list. You have to ask for email ids from customers when they visit your website and in return provide them with some deliverable like e-book, whitepaper, etc. A pop-up window asking them to share their email ids should help build a list of subscribers. You can have a sidebar that will ask your blog visitors to sign in and share their email ids. Ask for their permission to send emails and promotional items.

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