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Appealing & user-friendly web portals at your doorstep with HTML and CSS, the two most vital ingredients of any design. Hire our HTML developers to design eye-catching websites for your business.
Min Delivery Time:
24-48 Business Hrs
Unlimited Revisions
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Hire a HTML5/CSS Developer

$35 per hour(average)
bug fixing in your Simple and dynamic PHP website OR build 1 page web application
It Includes
  • 5 Pages
  • Design Customization
  • Content Upload
  • Responsive Design
  • Include Source Code
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$120 per month(average)
bug fixing in your Simple and dynamic PHP website OR build 1 page web application
It Includes
  • 1 Page
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Include Source Code
Need Something else?
Connect with our support team and we will respond within 24 hours.

Features & Benefits of HTML and CSS

  • Supported by all Browsers
  • the Most Friendly Search Engine
  • Customized Solutions
  • Responsive Websites
  • User-Friendly Designs


HTML & CSS Framework

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma
  • Susy
  • Ulkit

Our HTML5/CSS Expertise

  • HTML, CSS and JS work which is clean and formatted
  • Customized tools created using Fabric JS
  • Customized HTML created using AngularJS
  • Experience in using SCSS/SASS Programing
  • Maximized speed and image optimisation using HTML, CSS and plugins such as “Lazy Load”
  • HTML, CSS and JS validation
  • Ability to reuse existing code via .Net or PHP to create HTML modules
  • Plugins created and customized using JavaScript and jQuery
  • Websites which are fully responsive across all devices and browsers
  • Experienced in using Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4
  • Responsive email templates
  • Front-end theme creation utilising Liferay
  • Ability to create HTML and CSS solutions for technologies such as Ionic and PhoneGap
  • Creating interactive effects and tools through the use of HTMLs and CSS concepts like SVG and Canvas

Our HTML5/CSS Expertise

With our expertise and experience in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, our developers and designers offer various services in website development using HTML and CSS.
HTML5 Application Development
Our HTML developers can provide solutions for a platter of web application domains using our HTML5 and CSS expertise, like Enterprise HTML 5 application development, HTML 5 social media app development, HTML 5 game development and many more.
HTML 5 Mobile Application Developments
Our HTML developers are well versed in HTML5 based hybrid mobile app development. Being experienced in advanced CSS3 features for animations and graphics, our designers can offer an in-depth app experience for Android and iOS users.
HTML 5 UI Widget Developments
Our HTML developers can make interactive data visualizations using HTML5 and JavaScript, which can be applied in rich web applications that look native on any device or platform.
Migration to E-Commerce/CMS Frameworks
Our experienced HTML CSS developers can aid you in migrating to E-commerce frameworks to make you resilient in facing rapid technology changes. Hire our developers to migrate to HTML 5 as we specialize in custom migration services like Flash to HTML5, Adobe Flex to HTML5 and HTML to HTML5.


  • Why is HTML important in web designing?

    HTML is a primary building block for developing a website. Various web browsers can read HTML documents easily and display them. Whether it is an ASP, JSP or any other development language, finally their tags are changed to HTML tags. Without HTML, you can’t do anything on your webpage.

  • Why hire dedicated HTML developers?

    If you are looking for faster delivery of projects at low investment, it is wise to hire dedicated HTML developers who work solely on your projects. Few other benefits of the dedicated team include: Development team works as your in-house team, Skilled and Experienced Development Team, No start-up or hidden cost, Quality Product Deliverance, Complete control over the project, Cost-effective and Flexibility in Hiring Model

  • Can I hire developers of my choice?

    After carefully considering your project requirement, we will assign experienced and skilled HTML CSS programmers for your project. If you prefer, you can hire dedicated HTML programmers after scheduling interviews and choose based on your choice.

  • What would be the estimated cost for hiring HTML developers?

    The estimated cost of HTML developers varies based on several factors, including the number of years of experience, skillset, and project demand.

  • How will you keep every information between us? Do you sign NDA?

    Yes, when you hire HTML CSS developers from Clarion, we do sign all the legal forms and documents, including NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your information and data.

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