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We have a pool of experienced PPC specialists who understand the anatomy of search engines and social media paid advertisements. Our PPC strategies are acknowledged in the industry for maximum RoI and minimum cost. Get on board with us to start your growt
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24-48 Business Hrs
Unlimited Revisions
Dedicated Team
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One Time Service

$39 per hour(average)
Google Search Ads Campaign Setup + Ad Extensions + Bidding + Negative Keywords
It Includes
  • 10 Ad Extensions
  • Campaign QA
  • Ongoing Management
  • Ads Analytical Report
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Connect with our support team and we will respond within 24 hours.
$271 per month(average)
Google Search Ads Campaign Setup + Ad Extensions + Bidding + Negative Keywords
It Includes
  • 3 Ad Extensions
  • Competitor & Keywords Analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Account Setup
Need Something else?
Connect with our support team and we will respond within 24 hours.

Features & Benefits of PPC

  • No More Right-Side Ads.
  • AdWords Expanded Text Ads.
  • Bing Expanded Text Ads.
  • Local Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads, and In-Store Conversions.
  • New AdWords Interface.
  • Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns.
  • AdWords Message Extensions.


Expertise of Our PPC Specialists

A full set of integrated PPC campaign management to drive your company’s digital growth
  • Google Ad Management
    Hire a PPC agency to unlock the potential of your business and ensure high conversion rates by choosing the proper ad management channels. Increase your ROI on search, shopping, and display networks with Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Social Media Ads
    Advertising on popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube maximizes your brand awareness and RoI. A properly managed social media advertising campaigns allow you to gain access to your potential customers in less time and cost.
  • Managing Bing Ads
    Build your business and drive more sales with Bing's search and display advertising campaigns. Display your website in the "advanced" search position on Bing's search results page. Hire a PPC agency for targeted click-through rates and high ROI.
  • Rebuy or Retargeting
    Convert bounced visitors into customers through remarketing. Retargeting helps you capture more leads by attracting potential customers who have visited your website previously but did not convert. When you retarget old customers, they will build a relationship with your brand, which will lead them to connect with you.
  • Display Advertising
    Suretalent PPC experts can help you with your digital advertising campaigns to drive the most traffic to your landing page or website. Hire our PPC specialists who have a proven track record of managing profitable ad campaigns on the Google Display Network from ad creation to targeting optimization and analysis.
  • Shopping Campaigns
    Also known as the Product Listing Ad, Google Shopping Campaign is a great way for eCommerce businesses to get their products seen by more people, increase sales and attract more potential customers. Our PPC experts can help you set up your shopping campaign to get the most out of it.


  • Who are PPC experts?

    PPC experts are marketing professionals who manage pay-per-click ad campaigns. They perform various activities such as keyword research, metrics tracking, ad creation, conversions optimization, cross-team collaboration to maximize the results of your PPC campaign. Some of the key skills of PPC Specialists are analytical skills, time management, design expertise, organizational leadership, strategic capacity, decision-making skills.

  • Where do PPC experts advertise?

    Our PPC experts run PPC ads across the Internet. The most popular locations are Search Results and Thirst-party websites. Moreover, we also run PPC Ads on social media platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. While creating a PPC campaign, experts focus their efforts on the most valuable channels for your business. Hire PPC experts because they focus their efforts on the most valuable channels for your business. For example, if your customers use Facebook more than Twitter, then our PPC marketers choose Facebook for advertisement and are dedicated more of your ad budget to this platform.

  • How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

    There are no minimum costs to advertise on Google. However, before starting any campaign, we’ll discuss that what minimum amount would be sufficient to collect enough traffic and data to optimize your campaigns.

  • Which is better for my small business PPC or SEO?

    To answer this question, you need to understand the fundamentals of combining SEO and PPC or SEO and pay-per-click. If you are going to use SEO, it's like buying a house but not a piece of land. So where do you stay? There is no place, is there? PPC is another channel, SEO is another customer acquisition channel. PPC is continuously funded and managed. Pay-per-click is a short-term advertising tool, while SEO generally takes time and uses long-term traffic. So, if you need immediate results, you should use PPC, and if you have a long-term plan, you should use SEO.

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How it Works

  • Tell us what kind of Talent you need
    Suetalent provides subscription & hourly based services. You can directly subscribe on our website or choose to hire a talent on hourly basis. Whether it’s a single talent requirement or a cross-functional team of ten, Suretalent can handle it all.
  • We’ll find you the Perfect Match
    Once you place a request on our website successfully, we will connect you to someone in our network who is ready to work with you immediately. Our client relationship team will also be in touch with you to streamline the hiring process.
  • They become part of your Team
    We’ll introduce you to the right talent or team, and they’ll ramp up and start working as soon as you say go. As soon as you review and sign-off on our recommended talent, they’ll be ready to integrate into your team—just like an in-house employee. While Suretalent talents usually work remotely, arrangements can be made to have them on-site.
  • Work with them at No-Risk
    If you're not 100% satisfied after a trial working with Suretalent, we'll start the process all over again at absolutely no cost. Our no-risk trial period lets companies work with our talent first before deciding if they’re 100% confident in moving forward.

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When you hire employees with Suretalent, we take on all employment liability to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.

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We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world, so you can rest assured that you’re doing things the right way.

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  • " Excellent customer service and results by konainbhimani. He's my first and only choice for Google Ads now. Our business is literally keeping us really busy now after his work, ROI is at highest level of this year. Thanks a lot. "

    SEO Expert

  • " Kartik seems genuinely interested in helping his clients succeed in the long term. We are early on in our relationship but I'm very encouraged by what I'm seeing so far. Thanks Kartik, "

    SEO Expert

  • " I am really thankful to Mr gagan for helping out with my ads and the insights he shared. Clear communication, right on time. Recommend him anyday. "

    SEO Expert